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Dduk Mandoo Gook
photo by Pabo76

Happy lunar new year!

Man, how is it already 4709 or whatever? Well, any reason to eat dumplings!

I almost thought my fam didn’t do anything to usher in the Year of the Dragon but then I realized we ate some dumplings that my mom made. And I helped! By which I mean, I helped make like 10 out of the many more before I got shooed away.

Kids in Tenafly, NJ got Monday off! Nice! I remember back in high school we had CKNY - “Chinese Korean New Year”. Yes, the model of inclusion and coolness.

My lunar zodiac animal sign thing is the Dog, which doesn’t get along with the Dragon. I hope this doesn’t mean 4709 isn’t a year to party like it’s 1999. 

Here is a korean recipe for dumplings that looks good and the pics of the li’l dumps are so cute!

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